About Susie’s Snappy Swimsuits

I’m Susie, the creator of Susie’s Snappy Swimsuits.  How did this come about?  I was on holiday in  Spain with my mother three years ago and we were both wearing one piece swimsuits.  Trying to get in and out of our swimsuits quickly and conveniently was impossible.  Wriggling and wrestling to get in and out of them was both challenging and frustrating.

I did some research and  discovered that there was not one swimsuit (in the world) for women that had been designed for convenience, and that started me on my journey to create one! It had to be both stylish and functional.  It also had to be of a high quality and long-lasting.  What helped to keep me going was a book I heard about on the radio.  If you have an idea, it said, you should build it. And so I did!  There were times, along that journey, when it all seemed too difficult.  However, I was solving a problem.  My swimsuit has a purpose and I believe in it passionately.  I was committed to the journey of making my idea happen and the inspirational words ‘Do it Now’ became my mission.  I didn’t want to regret not making it happen.  There was no turning back.

I’ve tried and tested Susie’s Snappy Swimsuits on holiday both on the beach and at the pool.   I found that once I had snapped, I couldn’t go back!

I’ve been lucky in that I found amazing experts to help develop the swimsuit; a high quality, award-winning British sewing factory, beautiful Italian fabric sourced from an ethical company, British woven labels, powermesh knitted in the UK and stainless steel snaps which are from the premier fastener company in the world.   Susie’s Snappy Swimsuit comes with a pedigree that makes it a luxury and long-lasting item.

Here’s to making life easier!


Managing Director